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Workshop: Mining primary sources with the Gale Digital Scholar Lab In-Person

Open to: Honours and HDR students and research staff.

Delivery: In-person

Prior knowledge needed: none

Equipment needed: A laptop


This training session will focus on the recent upgrades to the Gale Digital Scholar Lab and also offer a refresher to new users on getting started with Text and Data mining with the Gale Digital Scholar Lab.

A factor contributing to the growth of DH is the increasing popularity of interdisciplinary research. DH combines traditional humanities disciplines such as history, literature, and art history with cutting-edge technology, such as data science and machine learning. This interdisciplinary approach has opened up new avenues for research, allowing scholars to explore questions and issues that were previously beyond the scope of traditional humanities research.

This growth has also been fuelled by the increasing accessibility of digital tools and platforms like the Gale Digital Scholar Lab, which has made it possible for even non-experts to participate in the field. There are now many user-friendly tools available in the Lab that allow researchers to create their own digital projects. These tools have made it possible for researchers and scholars to participate in the creation of digital humanities projects, helping to democratise the field and making it more accessible to a wider range of people.

Since the launch of the Gale Digital Scholar Lab in 2019 we have continuously sought user feedback from our customers on improving the platform and a better understanding of how our customers use the Lab and interact with the primary source archives. Recent changes to the Gale Digital Scholar Lab include:

  • Groups Functionality & Notes: Groups is made up of two news features, Group Workspaces and a Notebook. The goals of these enhancements are to
    • further enable use of DSLab in a classroom environment and increase our ability to support the collaborative nature of DH;
    • support and encourage
    • good research methodology and enable users to interact with each other within the platform;
    • support workspace skill development, with a focus on project management, collaboration, data analysis and report writing.
  • Improved visualisations
  • Additional Sample Projects
  • Upload of User generated content
Tuesday 14 March 2023
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Time Zone:
Sydney, Melbourne (change)
Fisher Interactive Learning Space (214), level 2
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Event Organizer

Jennifer Stanton